Bible College equips Nazarene women and men in Papua New Guinea


Papua New Guinea -- When God spoke to Daux about preparing for ministry, she couldn’t understand why. She was uneducated. She couldn’t read and write well in Tok Pisin. Her husband had left her. Why would God think about her for such a calling?

Finally, she said “Yes” to God’s leading and entered the lay ministry program at Melanesia Nazarene Bible College. The first semester she struggled with reading until another student began tutoring her. Daux caught on quickly, and we all rejoiced with her progress. Her testimonies are always filled with her praise to God and for the Bible College.

Daux desires to improve her study skills and Tok Pisin so that she can enter the program that prepares students for ordination as pastors in the Church of the Nazarene. Will you pray for her as she looks for sponsors? Will you pray for her as she prepares to be a pastor?

Home economics, community connection
MNBC ladies in the lay ministry program take classes in home economics, literacy, as well as Bible and practical theology. They learn to cook, sew, and keep house as well as how to teach a Sunday school class and start a preaching point.

Now they
have a new home economics building. No longer will they have to pack up their supplies and store them between classes. The new building will make it possible to form a Home Economics Club for outreach to those in the nearby community. Two families sent money to purchase two new sewing machines and cloth for the new home economics department. Now each student will have access to a sewing machine during class time.

Last semester I taught Director Lero Kui how to make Tennessee rag rugs. She then taught her students. All the women caught on quickly and made beautiful rag rugs—some oval, others round, and even some in the shape of a butterfly. They made them better than the style I had taught them! The students sold their rugs to faculty and visitors in order to purchase cloth for their upcoming sewing projects for graduation.

Full-time students enrolled in the lay ministry program focus on Bible Study, church growth, and leading ministries in the church, such as youth, missions, and children organizations. Lay Ministry students learn how to witness, teach a Sunday school class and lead a Bible study. They also do an internship which includes starting a branch Sunday school or church plant before graduation.

Will you pray that these men and women in the lay program will learn how to be strong workers in the church and also learn a craft that will help bring in an income for their families? Will you pray for Rev. Lero Kui as she directs the home economics department. Pray also for these ladies as they strive to be better Christian wives and mothers as well as good homemakers.

Bible Story Cloths
Under the leadership of Children’s Pastor Greg Nash, children at Gallatin First Church of the Nazarene in Tennessee raised $2,000 to purchase Bible Story Cloths for Melanesia Nazarene Bible College. After a long time in storage and shipping over land and ocean, the story cloths finally arrived and are already being used in Papua New Guinea.

Bible Story Cloths are a recent Bible teaching resource. The washable and lightweight cloths bear 50 color scenes from the Old Testament and 50 color scenes from the New Testament. A presenter can describe the details of each scene in the language of his or her listeners in an evangelism or discipleship setting.

MNBC students were divided into small groups during one chapel service and taught how to use the cloths in teaching Sunday school and in evangelistic services. “I never realized the difference a colored picture would make,” exclaimed one student. “I have always used black and white charts of stick figures and found them very helpful. But the Bible Story Cloths grab the attention of both adults and children in a way I could never imagine.”

Pray for our students as they use the Bible Story Cloths in their internships. Pray for the children at Gallatin First Church and their pastor Greg Nash that they will continue being mission-minded. Thank you Gallatin First Church!

Kumi, one of our carpenters and maintenance workers, stopped by my house to say goodbye. He told me that he would not be able to work for the Bible College for a while. “I need to spend more of my time studying for my baptism classes," he explained. “I need to make sure that my Christian life is up-to-date and that I understand the Bible.”

Of course, we let him temporarily resign.

Pray for Kumi and others in Papua New Guinea who take baptism as a serious undertaking and a testimony of salvation in preparation for joining the church. Pray for Kumi as he returns to work that he will be a witness to others.

-- Dr. Geneva Silvernail recently served as president of Melanesia Nazarene Bible College, and is transitioning to her new position as vice president of the Asbury Theological Seminary campus in Florida, United States. These highlights from MNBC were used with permission from her August and September 2010 newsletters.