'Determined to live'

By Rajiv Yangad
Tuesday, January 23, 2018

ImagePratima, a beautician by profession, lives in the state of Maharashtra, India. Her husband, Prashant, is a businessman and her two children, Levi and Silvi, are completing their graduate studies.

Pratima's family is a devoted Christian, Nazarene family with a very strong sense and availability to serve the Church of God in every possible way. Whenever there is any program in the Church, her entire family is eager to serve.

In 2007, a team of young Christian ministers was visiting the church and was ministering to help spiritual growth. The team of young people did not know how to cook good food. Being an accomplished cook, Pratima was driven by compassion for these young people and took up the responsibility of cooking for them almost daily. Because of this provision, the team's spirit of ministry was immensely lifted up and Pratima was glad to be serving these young ministers.

It was the last day of the young team in town so Pratima, known for her delicious biryani, decided to cook this specialty. All her spices, chicken, and rice were ready for preparation and her huge gas stove was fired up. Pratima was about to start adding the ingredients together when suddenly, the entire kitchen caught fire. The gas pipe was leaking and Pratima did not realize it until flames  surrounded her. Before she could be rescued and helped she was seriously burned. 

She was immediately hospitalized. The medical personnel reported that 45 percent of her body had been burned.

ImageAll of the Nazarene churches in Maharashtra were praying for her. Pratima's huband, Prashant, cared for Pratima day and night without sleep, and prayed to the Lord for her life.

The doctors had asked Prashant to not let Pratima see her face in the mirror because of the very serious scars she now bore.The doctors also said that it will take a very long time for her skin to come back and her life to be normal again.

But Pratima is a very strong willed and courageous person. She had already seen her burned face in the mirror and had determined to live, whatever the circumstances. She cooperated with the treatment and church continued to pray for her.  

By God's grace, her recovery was extremely fast. Where she was expected to regain her skin in months, she regained it in 45 days. All the doctors were amazed at her speedy recovery and still wonder how it happened, even now.

God heard the prayers of the saints offered for Pratima and healed her completely. One can barely find a trace of burning on Pratima.

These days, Pratima and Prashant are fully involved in various church ministries and are also in the second year of theological studies by extension, besides her beauty parlor and Prashant's business.

Pratima, along with her family, is getting ready to go to several churches to share the testimony of this amazing miracle in her life and to encourage the listeners to follow Jesus Christ.

A woman once burned 45 percent is serving the Lord 100 percent.

-- Map credit: CC-by-sa PlaneMad/Wikimedia