Only 24 years ago, the New Testament was translated into the language of the Cabécar people of Costa Rica, and in two years the JESUS film was translated. Now the people realize Jesus can speak their language.

Where more than 6,000 people live homeless and many more are struggling economically, in Los Angeles's Skid Row neighborhood a Nazarene church and community outreach is bringing transformation and new hope.

They met in college as alcoholics, and the relationship went downhill from there. It wasn’t until his Iraq deployment that Jeff opened his life to the beginning of God’s transformation.

The original Greek word, ethne, is the origin of the English term “ethnic.” Therefore, it can be argued that Jesus’ call was to make disciples in every one of the world’s thousands of cultural groupings.

Luego de que ocurrieran desastres naturales en Chile, algunos equipos de la película JESÚS se han preparado utilizando motocicletas y otros tipos de tecnología para responder mediante apoyo y asistencia, asociándose con el Ministerio Nazareno de Compasión.

After natural disasters in Chile, Nazarene JESUS Film teams are equipped with motorcycles and other technology to help respond with support and assistance, partnering with Nazarene Compassionate Ministries.

After Enoch Tee found the Lord and left his life of drugs with the help of his pastor, he felt called to become an art teacher in the slums of the Philippines. Now he reaches youth for Jesus through the love of creativity.

"About 20 percent of what we receive in the shipments is not fit to be sold to our clients. The items are damaged, stained or not in good condition." "Twenty percent?" I repeated, disbelieving. "Yes, and it cost $5,000 to get the shipment through customs."

The Myanmar church is rapidly expanding with the same church multiplication that follows the spread of Myanmar Christians around the world. Theological education is needed everywhere, in their own language.

A Myanmar congregation in Indianapolis asked if they could use the nearby Nazarene church building for worship. Now the two pastors and their congregations are partnering in various ways.


Southeast Asia Nazarene Bible College opens Indianapolis extension center

Southeast Asia Nazarene Bible College opens extension center in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. When Ray McCrary came to Indianapolis, Indiana, Southside Church of the Nazarene in 2012, he quickly realized the challenges of pastoring an aging white congregation in a community undergoing rapid social change.“If we were to continue ministering to the south side of Indianapolis, we had to become multicultural,” McCary said.