As a new school year began across the Eurasia Region, faculty members of South Asia Nazarene Bible College (SANBC) gathered in Bangalore, India and Dhaka, Bangladesh, to work through the fourth in a series of Professional Development Seminars (PDS) for its theological educators. The seminars are held every three years to upgrade the teaching methods and curriculum of SANBC, and are a significant part of the college’s commitment to excellence.

In the wake of typhoons, earthquakes and a tsunami across the South Pacific at the end of September, Nazarenes throughout the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand are mobilizing to care for the victims in the Philippines, the Samoa islands and Indonesia.

Pastor Daniel Ekka is the radio director for World Mission Broadcast in Papua New Guinea. This is his story in his words.

Just days after a typhoon crossing the Philippines on Sept. 26 flooded more than 80 percent of Manila, killing up to 200 people and displacing half a million, a tsunami struck the islands of Samoa and American Samoa. The next day, Sept. 30, a 7.6 magnitude earthquake shook Indonesia. The Philippines is bracing for another possible typhoon on Oct. 3.

Nazarene Compassionate Ministries (NCM) is working to reach NCM personnel in the affected areas to develop response strategies for assisting victims.


Lately, Nazarene pastor Gary Pierce, Jr. has been standing behind a different kind of pulpit. This pulpit is not made of wood or plexiglas, but rather slabs of concrete. As a part of the X-treme team led by Rick Willison, Gary spent August 31 – September 19 in Kenya.

Nota del Editor: Este artículo fue traducido por Noemí Fernández.

A medida que se acercaban al mostrador los cansados viajantes cargando pesados equipajes y llevando arrugados documentos de viaje, eran sorprendidos por personas que les saludaban en un idioma diferente. Mientras intentaban registrarse y obtener sus tarjetas de identificaciones. El proceso de registración se tornaba rápidamente confuso, frustrante, y divertido.

As the weary travelers straggled to the counter lugging heavy suitcases and carrying wrinkled travel documents, they were surprised when those who greeted them spoke a different language. The registration process quickly became confusing, frustrating, and funny as they tried to check in and get name tags.

Poznan, Poland––When they opened the coffee shop for a test run on September 19, Everett Tustin and his wife Rhonda didn’t know what to expect. The missionary couple in Poznan, Poland, along with their eight volunteers, hadn’t been able to advertise the event, but had simply mailed 100 invitations to friends and acquaintances, baked trays of sweets, scheduled several musical artists and prayed.

About 10 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 26 (Manila time), a torrential rain hit the campus of Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary (APNTS) and its environs. Within six hours about 14 inches of rain fell from Typhoon Ketsana (called Ondoy by locals). Quickly, the small Kaytikling Creek that runs through the middle of the campus flooded and overflowed its banks for the first time in more than 26 years.

Five Nazarene churches have sustained damage and about 100 people have sought shelter at Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary (APNTS) from flood waters in Metro Manila, the Philippines, after Tropical Storm Ketsana (called Ondoy by locals) made landfall on Saturday morning local time. The storm has since strengthened to a typhoon. Several Nazarene missionaries' homes have also been flooded.


Southeast Asia Nazarene Bible College opens Indianapolis extension center

Southeast Asia Nazarene Bible College opens extension center in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. When Ray McCrary came to Indianapolis, Indiana, Southside Church of the Nazarene in 2012, he quickly realized the challenges of pastoring an aging white congregation in a community undergoing rapid social change.“If we were to continue ministering to the south side of Indianapolis, we had to become multicultural,” McCary said.